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Remember to let her into your heart

Then you can start to make it better.

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Name:Mary Winchester
Birthdate:Nov 5
Location:United States of America

for well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder

C A R I N G   |   P R O T E C T I V E   |   V I B R A N T
F R A C T U R E D   |   F I E R C E   |   S E C R E T I V E

wife. mother. big-game hunter. bad-ass motherfucker capable of kicking your ass eight ways from Sunday and making you thank her kindly. wuvs hugs. lives for laughter and love. maker of tomato rice soup. takes a sad song and makes it better. could load a shotgun before she started puberty. never wanted that life for her kids. fought like hell and was willing to do anything and everything to make sure they stayed safe. wants to step down from her pedestal, because she's not a perfect person. died too young. the more you scratch the surface the more secrets you'll find. taken at the moment of her death. this is her second chance. her only home is the afterlife.

H O M E | so don't you know
I N F O | that it's just you
I N B O X | the movement you need
H M D | is on your shoulder

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